Friday, 26 January 2018

Body onLoad Click link

If you want auto click on link on load body then just copy and paste this code on your page
window.onload = function(){
location.href = document.getElementById("autoid");
<a href="" id="autoid">Best Web Hosting Service</a> </body>
</html> If you want click after few second change <script>
function clickit(){
location.href = document.getElementById("autoid");

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Create your simple multi page rotator

Create your simple multi page rotator .
Create a php file and copy code given below and replace link with your link and save your file. Now open your file in  browser and test your link work.

<?php $link[1] = "";
$link[2] = "";
$link[3] = "";
if(!isset($HTTP_cookie_VARS[‘link’])){ $n=count($link); 
$rand=rand(1,$n); setcookie("link",$rand,time()+3600);
header('location:'.$link[$rand]); }else{ $go=$link[$_COOKIE['link']]; header('location:'.$go); } ?>