Monday, 29 October 2018

Full Marquee Code Details

In the this page you can find almost details about marquee
id="scorll_news if you want stop marquee on mouse over
style = text style
color = text color
bgcolor = background color
width = marquee width
height = marquee height
direction = marquee sliding
( up for down to up
down for up to down
left for right to left
right for  right to left )
scrolldelay = marquee scroll speed
loop = how many time content slide in marquee.

------------ Code Start ---------
<marquee id='scroll_news' width="300px" height="100%"  direction="down"scrolldelay="500" loop="3" style="font-family:Book Antiqua; color: #FFFFFF" bgcolor="#000080"><div onMouseOver="document.getElementById('scroll_news').stop();" onMouseOut="document.getElementById('scroll_news').start();">
Your Contect Here
------------Code End ---------------

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