Thursday, 5 September 2019

Using Putty SSH Client To Import Large MySQL Databases To PHPMyAdmin

In this tutorial i’ll show you how to use the Putty SSH client to import large MySql Databases from your public_html root directory to a New database in PhpMyAdmin.

  • Download Putty
  • Upload your My Sql database file to my sites public_html root directory
  • Create a new database using the MySql database wizard in cPanel
  • Enter a command line in Putty which imports the database to PhpMyAdmin
Once you have download Putty, Click the desktop shortcut and click run.
Next step is to enter your Hostname or I.P address and use port 22. If you are entering your hostname, leave out the http://www and simply enter
  • You can then enter your cPanel username and click enter
  • Then enter your password and click enter.
  • The final step is to enter the command line below
mysql -u database_user -p database_db < /home/username/public_html/database.sql
and click enter. (make sure to replace the path in blue & red with the correct address to your database. The filename for your SQL database file is in red. You’ll also need to replace the part in green with your new database username and password.
database_user = your database username
database_db = your db name
username = username ( hosting account username ) 
database.sql = database file name
after replace all details Enter 
now enter your database password and Enter
Wait now for uploading data in phpmyadmin
Make sure you have upload your database to the root( public_html) directory of your site as this is where it will be uploaded from to phpmyadmin.

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